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Who we are:

The International Sail and Power Association Japan (ISPA Japan) is a non-profit organization registered with the Government of Japan since 2001.

The organization consists of personal and corporate member.


  • To promote enjoyment in boating by providing safe and efficient boat training.

  • To raise global awareness in Japan through high quality sail training which meet the international standards.

  • To increase participation in boating by building relationships with other international organizations.

Training Standard:

ISPA Japan uses the same standard for boat training as the International Sail and Power Association (ISPA) for both sail and power.

Membership statistics:

As at December 31, 2015, there are total 74 members; 68 private and 6 corporate This includes 40 ISPA Japan certified instructors.

List of affiliated marinas:

The largest and best Marina in southeast Asia.

Owned and operated by the City of Yokohama / YAMAHA Corporation.

It is known as the most famous private sector maritime school in Japan.

Owned and operated by the City of Hiroshima. One of the largest marina in Setouchi area (Setouchi archipelago).

Located Nagoya area/ west coast of central Japan.

Established 1994 by Robert Sendoh as ISPA (Canada) certified training school.

Based in Vancouver BC, it runs various trainings throughout the world, including Canada,

Japan, Adriatic Sea, South Pacific and the Caribbean.


Chief Director

Robert Sendoh

Robert founded International Sail and Power Association Japan (ISPA Japan), a non-profit organization providing training programs for sailboat and powerboat operators, in 2001. He was also formerly a Canadian Yacht Association (CYA) instructor and one of the founding members of International Sail and Power Association Canada (ISPA), which commenced operations in 1994. His passion for sailing and education has lead him to dedicate his lifework on establishing sail training programs after retiring as an entrepreneur; he formerly worked on a real estate development, civil engineering, and security IT software development in Japan, USA, Canada and other Pacific Rim countries.

Executive Director

Ibuki Tsuchiya

As a president of Blue Belle Corporation, a business consulting company, Ibuki brings vast experience in the business operation support and trouble shooting. She specializes in the contract negotiation, technology transfer, and business start-up. Her passion for marine sports, including sailing, has naturally lead to an involvement in the establishment of International Sail and Power Association Japan (ISPA Japan). She continues to play an integral part on steering the organization.

Gozo Okada

Gozo is a well-known professional race sailor who participated in the most of the major off shore races including single-handed Transpacific race in 1981. He has been ISPA certified instructor since 1998 and has trained more than 650 sailboat operators in Seabornia and Yokohama Bay Side Marina. More importantly, his well-respected figure was crucial for International Sail and Power Association Japan (ISPA Japan) to establish and develop its existence in Japan. Gozo continues to passionately train sailors and strengthen the visibility of ISPA Japan in the sailing industry.

Yasufumi Murase

Yasufumi is the president of Onomichi maritime academy, a prestigious maritime institute which has produced more than 200,000 graduates since its establishment (1949). While providing national licensing programs for maritime industry, the academy continues to train numbers of sailboat operators under his initiative as an official school of International Sail and Power Association Japan (ISPA Japan). He enjoys yacht race himself and is responsible of also Class A racing instruction for Japan Sailing Federation.

Shuji Nakamura

Shuji is working for Mitsubishi Research Institute, one of the best think tank in Japan, as general manager of marketing and sales division. He has been involved in the planning of maritime industry development for major port cities (i.e. Hakodate, Kushiro, Otaru and Yokohama), revitalizing fishing villages, and recently started a research program on “blue carbon”. His career reflects his strong passion for marine activities and conservation, where he is further leveraging them and providing new perspectives for International Sail and Power Association Japan (ISPA Japan).

Tomohisa Ohara

Tomohisa’s passion for sail training started as a trainee on “Akogare”, a former sail training tallship operated by city of Osaka. He continued to support the program as a volunteer until Osaka city decided to stop the operation. He initiated Global Human Resource Development Organization (GHR) under corporate sponsorship to acquire “Akogare”, now known as “Miraie”. As a director of GHR, he is organizing sail training courses for youth as well as for corporate leadership training using International Sail and Power Association Japan (ISPA Japan) tall ship curriculum.

Dr. Hideh(iko) Asanuma

Hideh became ISPA instructor while pursuing his Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry. He has since then instructed sail operation and was involved in the young mariner programs at Vancouver, Tahiti, Australia and Croatia. Professionally he has worked in the Max Planck Institute under the Alexander von Humboldt fellowship and currently working in R&I division of L’Oreal Japan leading physicochemistry team. His current role is to coordinate the activities of ISPA Japan with other international entities.

Dr. Mamoru Tomozane

Mamoru is a director at Intel Japan who brings vast experience in the promotion and business coordination for International Sail and Power Association Japan (ISPA Japan). He was essential for ISPA Japan to expand the programs in particular for Young Mariner Program in coordination with multiple organizations domestically and internationally. He is also a certified ISPA Japan instructor who’s often seen around Tokyo and Sagami Bay on his 32 feet sailboat.

Tsuneo Imai

Tsuneo considers sail training to be his lifework. He has been passionately involved in the tallship activities since his university days:

  • He was the first Japanese to participate in the sail training voyage of STS Malcolm Miller (UK) and researched the activities during tall ships’ race at Lisbon Sail in 1982.

  • From 1987 to 1988, he joined bicentennial voyage on boarding STS Leeuwin (Western Australia) including the tallships' race from Hobert to Sydney.

  • In 1991, he established Sail Training Association (STA) Japan and started the sail training voyage, “Voyage of Re-Discovery”, the journey of 16 months with Kaisei the Japan’s first sail training ship via public funding. The voyage involved youth trainees from all over the world.

  • Since 1993, he has operated sail training program in Japan and east Asia under the collaboration with major international maritime events; notably, Sail Osaka '97, the first East Asia International Tall Ships’ Race supported by ISTA. The race was from Hong Kong to Osaka via Okinawa and Kagoshima.

  • In 2000, he successfully led around the world voyage of STS Akogare (Osaka City) during Millennium Cross Atlantic Tall Ships’ Race and Sail Amsterdam.

  • He is also an author and translation supervisor of several novels; notably, “How to become a captain”, “White Squall – The last voyage of Albatross” and “South, A memoir of the Endurance voyage”.

As a president of PRG Japan, the world largest live event service provider headquartered in New York, Tsuneo continues to be involved in the maritime activities; this includes proposing Tall Ship Challenge Nippon, where the aim is to build new tall ship focused on sail training. His vast experiences, in particular for the tall ship sail training and event organization, have been valuable and instrumental for ISPA Japan as the activities expand.

Hiroyuki Minamiyama

Hiroyuki is one of the pioneers of corporate branding and identity management in Japan. He is the founder and CEO of AXHUM consulting, and also act as chairman of Corporate Identity Council of Japan, president of World Branding Committee, and lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University. The vast business experiences of Hiroyuki have been instrumental in the strategizing branding communication and establishing Young Mariner Program of ISPA Japan. He is an avid sailor who sails around Kanto-area on his 32 ft sailboat as well as in various international cruising grounds (i.e. Canada, Croatia, Tahiti, Norway, Australia, etc.)

Masao Mamekawa

Masao is founder and managing director of BEANS Creative Directions Inc; a company that has been providing digital marketing strategy and solution for major cosmetic companies, banks, trading companies, and professional basketball team (Toyama Grouses). He brings wide experience in the digital strategy and branding for International Sail and Power Association Japan (ISPA Japan), which is the key for the organization’s success. Other than sailing, he also enjoys tennis and competing in triathlon races.

Governance Auditor

D.Sc. Heihachiro Kobayashi

Heihachiro is retired ocean engineering professor (Tokai University) and also was a visiting professor at the Rhode Island University. Being an avid sailor himself who often sailed in Suruga Bay, the education of youth through maritime activity has always been of his interest; he was special advisor for NBYA (Narragansett Bay Yachting Association), advisor for the training program of STS Akogare (Osaka city), and has also experienced pacific voyage on STS Kaisei.

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